Episode 3: I Just Got Questions


For the first time, we go into our mutual love of The Good Doctor, and Shonda talks about formerly working for a family with someone who has autism. Also, we speak on David Makes Man season 1, Greenleaf, Ready To Love and Dolemite Is My Name!

David Makes Man – The Last Episode & Season As A Whole


  1. Would this work as a mini-series vs. a multiple season series?
  2. For season 2, what we would like to see
  3. Was the final scene all a dream
  4. From Mx. Elijah to Shinobi, how LGBT characters are handled
  5. Gloria’s relapse

The Good Doctor


  1. Shonda’s experience with people who have autism
  2. Where does Dr. Glassman’s influence end and Shaun having autism begin?
  3. Claire and Morgan’s relationship?
  4. Shaun’s relationship with Carly



  1. Has James done enough to get Mae back?
  2. Nikki, Zora, and Sophia – yay or nay to the drama?
  3. When it comes to Phil, AJ, and more, are they misunderstood or just plain trash?
  4. Our weekly, can Kerissa and Charity be redeemed with the right storyline?
  5. What are the origins of Connie’s beef with Mae?

Ready To Love


  1. Black men don’t cheat because Black men don’t commit comment
  2. Who we see as the endgame couples
  3. The issue people have with communication
  4. Who is likely to be eliminated next

Dolemite Is My Name


  1. Eddie Murphy and Wesley Snipes In The Film
  2. Lady Reed aka Queen B, played by Da’vine Joy Randolph
  3. Did we consider it funny
  4. The importance of Rudy Ray Moore and investing in yourself

Casting & Miscellaneous

  1. Zoey Kravitz as Catwoman in Robert Pattison’s Batman
  2. Talking about Brandon T Jackson
  3. Favorite Horror Movies
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